Hi recruiters, potential clients, other UXers, and web crawling bots!

So, if you are reading this, it's because you would like to know more about my personality before making a decision to hire or contact me. After reading through a resume or portfolio, getting to know someone's personality paints the complete picture—and I fully agree with you! I've been through my fair share of hiring people and I am more than happy to tell you about Edric!


How I Got To Doing What I Love

Like most college students, I knew exactly what I wanted to study and what I wanted to do with my life...NOT. I actually had an interest with computers in general and decided that I would go into Computer Science. Although, I did love to solve problems and code, I always felt that something was missing. When I took GE classes, I had a huge interest in my Graphical User Interfaces (ancient term, I know) and Psychology classes. I had wondered if there was a career that could combine everything that I loved, and there was—it was called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). I went forward in my career, establishing myself as a UI Developer and Front-End Engineer while continuing to inject UX Design into my work.

After some time, I decided that I wanted to fully dedicate myself to the world of HCI and UX, and so I worked on a Master's degree at Depaul University where I had an opportunity to really understand the ins and outs of human-centered design. I had also made a complete switch into UX as a career and continued to use my development experience in all aspects of my design work.

I know that I have made the right career choice, because I already "UX" and "IA" many things in my life—the organization of kitchen spices by type, placing my clothes along an efficiently-mapped route from the bathroom, and critiquing usability of everyday objects (a.k.a., complaining).


What I Like to Do For Fun

I'm a big geek (I will already like you if you know where I am in the picture above), and so I'm into playing video games when I have spare time. I have a weird passion for playing "healing/support" roles in RPGs and I love playing games that involve a lot of team work—there is something about working together to achieve a common goal that I find really rewarding in life and I don't mind being the role that nobody likes.

I also have a passion for singing and music—there's so much emotion and empathy involved with singing. I learned that to improve singing quality and connect with your audience, you have to find a way to relate to a song. This can involve empathizing with what the singer is singing about or recalling your own memories to evoke the same emotion. It's one of the many activities that allows me to just "let go" of all my worries and experience emotions (a.k.a. life).


WHAT My Logo Means

The logo from first glance represents a fox, but also represents two E's reflecting off each other. One day, I had lunch with my co-workers and we talked about what animal best represents each of us. They told me that I strongly embodied a fox and after some thinking, I agreed with that assessment. When I looked up fox symbolism, I found out that it represents cunning, strategy, quick-thinking, adaptability, cleverness, and playfulness—that is pretty spot on in terms of my personality and thus it became the metaphor for my personal brand.